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Freecell is one of the world's most popular solitaire card games. All the cards are dealt into 8 columns, and the player is allowed to move up to 4 cards off to the side into 'Free Cells' when they become Blocked and need to continue.

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Deal the Layout

Deal all 52 cards into 8 columns. The 4 columns on the left side of the Tableau will have 7 cards and the 4 columns on the right side will have 6 cards. Leave space above the layout for 4 Foundations, and below or to the side of the layout for 4 Freecells.

Freecell Layout

Moving Cards

If Freecell, you can only move the bottom card in any given column. You can Build Down the columns Alternating Colors. Your goal is to Build Up the Foundations from Ace to King By Suit. You can move cards at any time to an open Freecell. You can then move those cards back to the columns, or into the foundations.

How to Win

To win Freecell you must move all the cards into the four foundations. Freecell is a very strategic game and it's best to think longterm. Try not to fill up your freecells too quickly, you may have difficulty makeing moves after that. Take a look at your cards and see if you can free up an Ace without using your freecells, or maybe using only one of them. Try not to bury cards you are going to need soon under a run of several other cards in the same column because you can only move the lowest card in the column at any given time. The nice thing about Freecell, is that every deal should be winnable if you take your time and think strategically.

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