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Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire is a matching solitaire card game where you are trying to pair up available cards that have a total value of 13. Pairs include Queen & Ace, Jack & 2, 10 & 3. Because Kings already have a value of 13, they can be eliminated without pairing.

Deal the Layout

Deal 28 cards face up into a pyramid form with 7 rows. Start at the top and deal 1, then 2 in the second row, 3 in the third row... etc.

Optional Rule - Some versions of Pyramid would have you deal a row of cards below the pyramid that does not overlap the cards in the pyramid at all. This makes the game quite a bit easier, because it gives you another 7 cards to use in matching.

After dealing out the pyramid, the remainder of the cards are placed in a Stock Pile. Take one card out of the stock pile and place it face up in a Waste Pile.

Match Cards

In Pyramid Solitaire, you are trying to remove all the cards from the pyramid by matching them up in pairs that have a sum total of 13. These pairs are Ace with Queen, 2 with Jack, 3 with 10, 4 with 9, 5 with 8, and 6 with 7. The King can be removed without matching it with another card because it already has a value of 13. You can only match up cards that do not have another card overlapping them. You can also match any card in the pyramid with the top card in the waste pile. If you are Blocked you may deal a card from the stock pile into the waste pile. The new card on the top of the waste pile may help you to make another match. In a standard game of Pyramid, you may not reshuffle the waste pile into the stock pile when you have dealt all the cards from stock pile into the waste pile.

When you have matched cards, they are removed from the game, NOT placed on top of the waste pile. The cards in the waste pile ALL come from the stock pile.

Optional Rule - If you would like to make the game easier to win, when you have placed all the cards from the stock pile in the waste pile, you may take the cards in the waste pile, shuffle them, and place them back in the stock pile once. You may not do this the second time you have placed all your cards in the waste pile.

How to Win

To Win the game you must remove all the cards from the pyramid. If you can not remove all the cards from the pyramid, your score is the number of cards you removed from the pyramid before becoming blocked.

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