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Yukon Solitaire

Yukon Solitaire is a building solitaire card game similar to Klondike, but played with all cards dealt into the layout at the beginning of play. No cards are kept in a Stock Pile.

Deal the Layout

To deal the layout, you will need to deal cards into 7 columns. The 1st column has online one card in it, dealt face up. After that, deal a single face down card into column 2, 2 face down cards in column 3, 3 face down cards in column 4, 5 in column 6 and 6 in column 7.

On top of the face down cards in columns 2-7, deal and additional 5 face up cards.

Moving Cards

You can move cards between the columns building them down Alternating Suits. The game is played with 4 Foundations, which you must build up By Suit. When all the cards overlapping a face

Optional Rule - You may choose to build down the columns Alternating Colors instead of Alternating Suits.

How to Win

The player wins when he has built up all 4 foundations from Ace to King by suit.

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